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Marbles | Emperador Dark Marble

Also known as Imperial Brown, Brown Emperor or Dark Emperor, is, toguether with Crema Marfil marble, the most popular worldwide.

This stone is of itself from the powerfull elegance given by ist sichly toned colors: the dark majesty of his tone is combined eith mild solemn nuances of brown, creating a link between them wich results in Dark Emperador marble, elegance made marble.

Sophisticated and elegant, this marble is very appropriate to give class, stile and elegance to any space we want, Proof ok this is that once vas chosen to decorate some of the most beautiful palaces such as the TajMahal in India, and has now been chosen to decorate the most cutting-edge buildings as the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in Dubai)

We face the Emperor of the marbles... Let happened to the Emperor.
Brown Emperador, Firts quality
Quarry Brown Emperador
Texture marble dark emperador