travertine sometimes however it is often known as marble Travertine. Used on walls, bathrooms ...

Travertine is a type of Natural Stone different from the marble, however it is often known as marble Travertine.

There are different types of travertine. In our offer, we have Spanish travertine, however, have access to as travertine Italian travertine Roman or Turkish as the classic.

Is a material widely used as cladding in polished and honed, as it is very nice and makes it look very majestic buildings like you see in the pictures that we offer by clicking on the travertine that you want. It is also widely used for bathrooms clad in antique finish, as well as bathroom countertops polished.

If you want more information about the types of travertine that we have, click on any of them, are continually updated to provide photographs of travertine finishes, façade completed projects, kitchens, stairs, construction, paving, etc..