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If the Spanish marble red Alicante is the standard in terms of types of red marble for the entire world. Spanish Red Travertine is the global standard, the most popular red travertine in the world.
Material is considered a higher range, luxurious, very uitilizado by people who want to dip their stay, whether home or building works, with great distinction. The red color of the travertine, is a strong color with shades of tan that give this stone of great strength at first sight.

Stone is a valid and enduring outdoor great temperature changes. And being very toned it ideal for large works where we should not care that the entire facade remains the same color.

Indoor rooms spacious and well lit hall, and bathrooms provide them with a luxurious Hague where they are placed.
red travertine texture
red travertine paving 40x40
red travertine paving polished
red travertine texture