The Company of Natural Stone | Marble Export Marketing

Guaranteed supplier at the national level

...Brought to different cultures located through the world, thanks to the compelling human need to progress to the next level, to conquer the new horizon that continually expands. Driven by technological avances in communication and transportation made so far by mankind...

Our company headquarters and operations center is located in the capital of Murcia, this is the central point where lies the management of the company and from which to coodinate all sales offices, infraestructure that allows us to provide presonalized service in 7 laguages: chinese, Arabic (classical and dialects), Russian, Bulgarian, German, English and Castilian. Armed with indigenous personnel in all of them, for the connenience of our custumers.

- ChinaWenzhou trade delegation located in the province of Zhenjiang
- Arab countries. Trade delegation located in Trípoli, capital de Libya.
- Russia and Russian-speaking countries. Trade delegation in Moscow.
- Latin America. Sales offices located in:
     a) Panama city, Panamá.
     b) Lima, Perú.
     c) Cartago, Costa Rica.

And with new sales offices planned for 2011:
Colombia, Brazil, Chile Jordan, India, Usa and Australia.

In COAVANTIA STONE know that properly adviseour clients is paramount to create a collaborative relationship in the long term, we invest time and resources to properly train all of our sales representatives, each of them has recived comprehensive training specific: the process estraction, manufacuring, materials, quality, formats, etc. Even some of them have many years of experience working directly from the factory directly know how to treat the material, place, etc. The objective is to provide security and support to all those who put their trust in us.