The Company of Natural Stone | Extraction

Natural stone quarrying (marble) in the quarry.

…Nature has only been able to create, over millions of years, under certain conditions that have only sites located in Spain, Turkey, India, China and Brazil...

Natural Stone, “natural resource which, after being directly extracted from the mountain, no need (unlike Artificial Stone) from other alloy processes or mixed of various materials in different processes. Therefore, the final result is, entirely, Raw Material of the Earth we inherited."

Thus, it is an honor for us to integrate Mother Nature at the start of our supply chain, Partnering in harmony with it as they came by our ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. For this we give high priority to caring for and respecting the environment, using the most advanced machinery and making use of Technological Progress for a Sustainable extraction process in time and space.

We can control the first process gives us a competitive advantage; ensure our customers receive the material you want in the time agreed. For this it is our pleasure to welcome our guests, visits to the quarries and installations, so they can see first hand how the material is subsequently removed will, with or without development.

Marble Extraction Result.

The stone is extracted in blocks, there is no standard size is normally measured from 2.4 to 3 meters wide, 1.4 to 2meters long and 1.5 meters deep, always refers to them per cubic meter, therefore, and based on these three dimensions, its volume can vary between 4.5 and 7 cubic meters, not removed because larger weight to exceed the proper transport, weight varies depending on the Natural Stone, but is usually between 2.6 and 3 tons per cubic meter.

There is a choice of the expected size of block, and to facilitate the collection of tables with a particular measure, for a more efficient process of manufacturing, reducing costs for our customers.