| The Company of Natural Stone

Coavantia Stone is a Spanish company with international projection, which is Extraction activity, Manufacture and Marketing of Natural Stone. Always apply the direction and supervision over the three processes is the direct control that gives us and helps to ensure:
- The higher quality material.
- The maximum requirement and dedication in the manufacturing process of the Stone, a requirement which is reflected in excellent finishes.
- The best value for money.
- meet delivery time
- Ensure our customers always get what you need.

Complete advice on marketing, as well as in the import process, procedures, licenses, visas, etc.

These are the maxims which place us as comprehensive supplier of Marble and other Natural Stonesand a sure bet for customers who place their trust in us, can be proud to count among its portfolio of products, whit the best Natural Stone that nature provided exclusively along the Spanish geography and expanding to other countries.